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RANZCOG Media Wrap Up - Week Ending 26 August 2016

RANZCOG in the Media

How do we improve maternity services in rural Australia?
Many midwives are calling for the creation of freestanding midwifery units that are local and can offer care to low-risk women. Prof Michael Permezel acknowledges the value of freestanding midwifery units in rural locations, the risks involved and the need to create incentives for doctors to practise in rural settings.
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Surgical mesh registry considered
The Government will consider a registry to record the use of surgical mesh following a petition from two women who suffered serious complications from mesh implants.
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News on Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Women’s Health: Australia

More doctors becoming specialists but a shortage of GPs
The medical workforce has become skewed to specialist doctors while the number of general practitioners has barely changed in 10 years. 
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Nurses warn of plans to reduce 24-hour emergency service at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital from October this year
The Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide is conducting reviews which may affect antenatal and postnatal care as part of the State Government’s Transforming Health reforms. 
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News on Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Women’s Health: New Zealand

Stress in C-section mum’s milk
Researchers have found that stressed mums had up to four times as much of the stress hormone cortisol in their breast milk.
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Research News

Women with intellectual and developmental disabilities are an invisible obstetric population 
A cohort study of nearly 4000 deliveries to women with Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) over a 10-year period in Ontario, Canada, has shown that compared with those without IDD, women with IDD are at increased risk for preeclampsia, venous thromboembolism, and haemorrhage.
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Ethnicity of women undergoing fertility treatment can affect outcomes
This study found that certain ethnic groups have significantly lower chances of live births using fertility treatments than other groups.
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Fruit flies could be key to fighting cervical cancer caused by human papillomavirus
The fly models the team developed may help scientists understand the underlying mechanism by which this virus can cause cancer as well as identify potential drug treatments.
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News on O&G and Women's Health: Around the World

CDC Foundation and partners launch zika contraception access network (Z-CAN) for women in Puerto Rico
The Network is providing women in Puerto Rico with a full range of contraceptive options free of charge on the same day of their healthcare service. Z-CAN was established by the CDC Foundation to address an urgent need to improve contraception access in Puerto Rico during the Zika outbreak.
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Maternal deaths fall across globe but rise in US
Pregnancy-related deaths are still rare in the United States, certainly in comparison with less-developed nations. However, the estimated rate of maternal mortality in 48 states and Washington grew by about 27% between 2000 and 2014.
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