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Information for DRANZCOG and DRANZCOG Advanced Training Supervisors

The role of DRANZCOG and DRANZCOG Advanced Training Supervisors is to oversee, in close consultation with the Chair of the relevant State Reference Committee (SRC)and the CCDOG TAR Subcommittee, all aspects of training of a DRANZCOG and/or DRANZCOG Advanced trainee or group of trainees, including ensuring they are provided with the practical instruction, ongoing support and appropriate assessment to enable them to meet the professional and educational requirements specified in the of DRANZCOG and/or DRANZCOG Advanced curriculum.

DRANZCOG/DRANZCOG Advanced trainees must nominate an appropriate Training Supervisor(s) who will:

  • provide the trainee with guidance and support;
  • meet regularly with the trainee to review case records, discuss cases, follow-up appropriate cases, and review cases referred to consultants;
  • review and sign-off on the trainee's logbook; and
  • act as an Assessor for the Workplace-based Assessments and/or approve appropriate Assessors.

DRANZCOG trainees must nominate one (1) Training Supervisor who is either a Fellow of the RANZCOG or holds the DRANZCOG or DRANZCOG Advanced qualification. The Training Supervisor must be in active obstetric practice in the hospital where the trainee is undertaking DRANZCOG training.

DRANZCOG Advanced trainees must have two (2) Training Supervisors who are either Fellows of the RANZCOG or hold the DRANZCOG Advanced qualification. Training Supervisors must be in active obstetric practice in the hospital where the trainee is undertaking DRANZCOG Advanced training. However, in some circumstances, one of the DRANZCOG Advanced Training Supervisors may be located off-site, provided there is regular contact with both the trainee and the other Training Supervisor. Both Training Supervisors, and any off-site training supervision, must be approved by the RANZCOG. Applications to become a DRANZCOG Advanced Training Supervisor must be forwarded to the CCDOG TAR Subcommittee Chair.

icon DRANZCOG/DRANZCOG Advanced Training Supervisor application form (226.82 kB)

icon DRANZCOG & DRANZCOG Advanced Training Supervisors Info Pack (388.7 kB)

The information pack includes a Training Supervisor Position Description, as well as other resources that Training Supervisors will find useful. Training Supervisors are reminded that they should make themselves thoroughly familiar with the icon CWH, DRANZCOG and DRANZCOG Advanced Curriculum (1.36 MB) and the icon CWH, DRANZCOG & DRANZCOG Advanced Training Handbook


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