Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Overview

The RANZCOG is the only Australian Medical Council accredited College for the obstetrics and gynaecology speciality in Australia. As such, the RANZCOG CPD standards and requirements apply to all practising specialist obstetricians and gynaecologists in Australia.

The RANZCOG CPD program is designed to facilitate three endeavours: training, continuing education and review. Practice audit and review is an important requirement of the program, as O&G specialists are expected to continuously reflect on current practice and implement the necessary changes to improve practice and patient safety.

The RANZCOG CPD program offers Fellows guidance in planning education pathways and clinical practice improvement best suited to their professional needs and interests.

Participation in the RANZCOG Continuing Professional Education and Recertification program became mandatory for Fellows in 1986. In 1999the CPD Program evolved into the current three-year cyclic CPD program.


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