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College Statements & Guidelines

College Statements and Guidelines are available on a range of issues relating to obstetrics and gynaecology.
They are categorised according to the areas listed in the index on the right. College Statements and Guidelines appear in black font in the list below.

Where there is no existing RANZCOG Statement or Guideline on a specific topic area, links to advice from other bodies are provided. This advice has either been formally endorsed by RANZCOG or it is considered useful clinical guidance but it has not undergone a formal endorsement process.

‘Endorsed Statements or Guidelines from other bodies’ implies that all content of the document has undergone a formal review process and has been approved by RANZCOG Board and/or Council.

Documents considered by the Women’s Health Committee to be useful are available under the heading ‘Useful Clinical Guidance’. Links to these documents are provided for interest as they may contain some useful guidance in the absence of a RANZCOG Statement, but their entire content has not been formally endorsed by RANZCOG.

Endorsed and linked documents appear in blue font in the list below.

For more information see Background and process for developing College Statements and Guidelines

For a summary of the latest evidence on Pregnancy and Childbirth topics, please refer to The Cochrane Library summaries.

Other Useful Resources are also available.


College Communiqués


Please refer to the College Communiqués webpage for the latest commentary on current women's health issues.


For more information about any of these documents contact the Women's Health team at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pre-pregnancy Care

Routine Antenatal Care

Red cell Iso-immunisation and Rh(D) prophylaxis

Perinatal Mental Health

Intrapartum Care, Labour and Birth

Fetal Surveillance

Multiple Pregnancy

Infections in Pregnancy

Medical Disorders in Pregnancy

The Neonate

Standards of Maternity Healthcare

Models of Care



Cervical Screening & Cancer


Gynaecological Surgery / Procedures


Menstrual Disorder

Reproductive Endocrinology

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology


      Workforce and Practice Issues





      Clinical governance


      Issues common to O&G


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